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Dangerous Dog Facts:

  1. An estimated 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year;
  2. Approximately 334,000 people are admitted to US emergency rooms annually with dog bite-associated injuries, and another 466,000 are seen in other medical settings;
  3. An unknown number of other people who have been bitten do not sustain injuries deemed serious enough to require medical attention;
  4. Almost half of all persons bitten are children younger than 12 years old; and
  5. People more than 70 years old comprise 10% of those bitten and 20% of those killed.

According to Zoonosis Control Division of the Texas Department of Health, domesticated dogs comprise most the dog bites in any given year. Even more shocking, Texas was the leader in dog bite fatalities in 2007, with seven fatalities stemming from dog bites that year alone. There is a regional Zoonosis office in the Woodlands located at Texas Department of State Health Services, Zoonosis Control, 5425 Polk Avenue, Suite J, Houston, Texas 77023, (713) 767-3300 for all of your needs and questions.

Responsible Dog Ownership in The Woodlands Definitely Can Reduce The Woodlands Dog Bites

As so many things in life, dog bites can be reduced by what happens in the home. A dog is not always the one to blame in the instance of a dog attack or dog bite injury.  Many owners use their dogs for illegal dog fights and these dogs are victimized every bit as much as the victims of their attacks, and they too are often severely injured or even killed in dog fighting rings as they fight for their lives.  Negligent and abusive dog owners should be held liable for their actions.  A decision to be a responsible dog is a personal decision and one that requires responsibility. There are many places in and around the Woodlands, Texas to have your dog trained for obedience. Dog owners are also able to take their dog to an area designated for dogs to play.  Dog parks are there so that the owner can take their dog to an area where they can run around and play in an fenced-in and safe place.  Dog parks are a responsible place to take your pet to ensure that when they are running off their leash that they will not run away from you and/or cause harm to a person or another animal.  Some Dog Training Facilities and Dog Park locations in the Woodlands Area include:

Dog Training in and around The Woodlands, Texas:
The Fundamental Dog
31311 FM 2978
Magnolia, TX 77354
(281) 797-5107
Paw It Forward Training, LLC
The Woodlands, TX
(281) 841-1963


Dog Parks near Woodlands, Texas:
Ervan Chew Dog Park‎
4502 Dunlavy Street
Houston, Texas 77006
(832) 395-7000
Boneyard Dog Park & Drinkery
8150 Washington Avenue
Houston, TX 77007
(832) 494-1600

Dogs should be trained and any sense of aggressive behavior exhibited by a dog should be immediately attended to by the pet owner in order to avoid a future incident.  What it boils down to is that if you or a loved one have been bitten, attacked, maimed, or killed by a dog or other animal, you should be entitled to some degree of compensation from the animal’s owner or handler. Contact one of the experienced Woodlands dog bite lawyers above for a consultation regarding your claim.

Texas’s “One Bite” Rule & Dog Bite Claims Based on Negligence

Texas follows the arcane “one bite rule.” This means that a pet owner is liable when:

  • the owner knew that the dog had bitten someone before or had a “dangerous propensity” for biting;
  • the bite was caused by the negligence of the person handling the dog;
  • the bite was caused by a violation of a leash law, prohibition against dogs trespassing or running at large, or a similar animal control law; or,
  • the bite injury was caused intentionally by the owner or person handling the dog.

An animal attack, mauling, or serious dog bite can be devastating, especially when a child is injured. Contact a The Woodlands dog bite lawyer today to discuss your case.When it cannot be proved that the dog’s owner or handler knew of the dog’s propensity to bite, negligence can form the basis of a claim. An example of a negligence-based claim could occur when the owner of a dog whose breed is notorious for its violent propensities — such as a pit bull, Rottweiler, or German Shepherd — allows their dog to run loose in a children’s park or other public area without supervision. The dog’s owner will be held liable based on negligence if the dog bites a child in the park.

However, a person does not have to be the dog’s owner to be held liable for a bite victim’s injuries. A child bitten at a day care facility for dogs could, through the child’s parents, make a claim against the pet care center, even though the dog was owned by a third party who was absent at the time of the bite. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, you should contact the Woodlands dog bite attorney to pursue your personal injury claims. Even if the dog has no prior history of aggression and has never bitten anyone before, Texas’s “one bite rule” may allow a Woodlands dog bite injury lawyer to fight your claim successfully, and you deserve compensation for your injuries.

The Woodlands Negligence Per Se Dog Bite Lawyer

When a statute or ordinance is violated and the violation leads to an injury, this is called negligence per se.

Negligence per se is frequently found in cases of dog bites, dog maulings, and dog attacks, often resulting from a violation of:

  1. leash laws;
  2. dog trespass laws; or,
  3. no “free-run” laws.

Usually, these types of dog control laws and ordinances are only found in large Texas cities; however, the Woodlands has an ordinance requiring that dogs be "restrained" at all times. Furthermore, The Woodlands requires that all dogs over four months of age be licensed with the city officials. If you or a loved one has been bitten or mauled by a dog running loose in violation of the law of the Woodlands or Montgomery County, you should contact a local Woodlands dog bite attorney immediately.

Lillian’s Law (H.B. 1355)

The so-called “Lillian Stiles Law,” sponsored by Senator Eliot Shapleigh and passed in 2007, increases the jail time for owners who fail to secure their dogs in a reasonable manner, resulting in serious bodily injury or death to another. Under the law, a dog owner will be charged with a third-degree felony if their dog causes serious bodily injury to a victim during an unprovoked attack. A third-degree felony is punishable by 2-10 years of prison time as well as a potential fine of up to $10,000. If the victim dies from an unprovoked dog attack, H.B. 1355 would impose a charge of second-degree felony, punishable by up to 20 years in prison. Click here for more information on the passage of Lillian’s Law,

Texas still allows a dog to be chained up, which is not only bad policy, but also dangerous to children and others who are routinely attacked by dogs that have been chained. Lillian’s law helps protect the Woodlands residents from dogs that attack when not reasonably secured and allows the Woodlands dog bite lawyers to sue the dog owners despite lack of previous history of aggression or any provocation from the injury victim. Call a Woodlands dog bite lawyer today.

Some of Texas' Laws on Dog Bites

Some of the laws are found in the Texas Health & Safety Code, Title 10, Chapter 822 Regulation of Animals:

Montgomery County Dangerous Dog Laws



Sec. 14-31. - Rabies vaccination.

(a) All dogs and cats in the city over four months of age must be inoculated annually for rabies with a vaccine approved by the state board of health. All dogs and cats which are brought into the city and which are more than six months of age and which have not been so inoculated shall be inoculated within 15 days after their arrival in the city. Any person owning, keeping, harboring or maintaining a dog or cat in the city who fails or refuses to comply with the vaccination requirements set out in this section shall be deemed guilty of an offense.

(b) A certificate of a veterinarian that the vaccination was administered as required by this section, bearing the date and type of vaccine and the identification of the dog or cat by breed, color, and sex and the vaccination tag number and the name and address of the owner, shall be evidence of such vaccination.

(Ord. No. 1974-1, § 1, 1-19-1974)

State law reference— Rabies vaccinations, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 826.021 et seq.

Sec. 14-32. - Dogs running at large.

(a) Dogs on public property. It shall be unlawful for any person owning or having control over or having custody of any dog to permit or allow such dog to run or be at large upon any public highway, street, alley, court, square, park, sidewalk, or other public grounds or public property within the corporate limits of the city.

(b) Dogs on private property. It shall be unlawful for any person owning or having control over or having custody of any dog to permit or allow such dog to run or be at large upon any unfenced lot, tract, or parcel of land within the city without such dog being penned or leashed.

(c) Dangerous dogs. It shall be unlawful for any person owning or having in his possession a dog of dangerous or fierce tendencies to allow such animal to be at large. For purposes of this subsection, a dog of dangerous or fierce tendencies shall be defined as one who has previously attacked or bitten a person.

(Ord. No. 1974-1, § 2, 1-19-1974; Ord. No. 1983-2, 5-9-1983)

State law reference— Dangerous dogs, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 822.041 et seq.

Secs. 14-33—14-60. - Reserved.

Sec. 14-61. - Authority to impound dogs running at large; notification of owner.

(a) It shall be the duty of the person employed by the city for that purpose to take up and take charge of all dogs found to be running at large as defined in section 14-32 within the city, and to take such dogs to a place or person designated by the city for such purpose, there to be impounded and detained for a period of three calendar days.

(b) As soon as possible after any dog has been delivered to such person or place, it shall be the duty of the person designated in charge to post a notice at the door of the designated place describing such dog, whether bearing a license tag or not, and giving the number of the tag and the name of the person registering the dog in each case where the dog bears a license tag. In case the dog bears a license tag, then, in addition to posting notices as required in this section, it shall be the duty of such person to notify the person to whom the license tag was issued by letter, postal card or telephone. The mailing of such letter or postal card shall be deemed sufficient notice, whether the person addressed receives the notice or not.

(Ord. No. 1974-1, § 3(a), (b), 1-19-1974)

State law reference— Impoundment of dogs and cats, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 826.033.

Sec. 14-62. - Redemption or disposition of impounded animals; fees.

The person entitled to the possession of any animal taken up and impounded, upon proper application, shall be entitled to have the animal delivered to him at the place of impoundment, provided such animal is not affected or thought to be affected with rabies or other infectious or contagious disease, and upon the payment of any charges and/or fees, when applicable. There shall be an impounding fee as fixed by Montgomery County.

(Ord. No. 1974-1, § 4, 1-19-1974)

State law reference— Animal shelters, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code § 823.001 et seq.

Family Bystander Mental Anguish Claims

Texas recognizes the right of bystanders to recover damages for mental anguish caused by witnessing an accident, with the following limitations: the bystander must be a parent or child of the victim and the victim must have been killed or severely injured in the animal attack or mauling. Therefore, if you have witnessed a close family member mauled or bitten by a dog, you may want to pursue legal action on behalf of the injury victim as well as your own claims for witnessing such a horrific event. Contact a Woodlands dog bite lawyer today to discuss bystander and mental anguish claims.

Negligence Based on Failure to Stop an Attack

A Texas dog owner owes a duty to attempt to stop his dog from attacking a person after the attack has begun. This is a civil duty, meaning that the Woodlands dog bite victim can sue for monetary damages if the dog owner does not attempt to stop the attack.

If you or a loved one have been bitten or mauled by a dangerous dog in the Woodlands or Montgomery County, TX, please contact one of the experienced Woodlands dog bite injury lawyers listed on this page.

What Should You Do if You Have Been Bitten by a Dog?

  1. Make every attempt to keep the animal in sight, find its owner, and obtain the owner’s contact information, preferably verified by their photo ID.
  2. Immediately wash the wound out with soap and warm water.
  3. Make sure that you are up to date on your tetanus shots.
  4. Seek the help of a physician or visit a local hospital.
  5. Report the bite to the Woodlands Planning and Development Services Department (contact information below). 
  6. Seek the help of a Woodlands dog bite attorney, if necessary, and maintain copies of all medical records and other relevant evidence.

For more information on dog bites and their victims, visit

Dog Bite Reporting:

If you would like to report a Woodlands area or Montgomery County dog bite or ask other questions pertaining to veterinary public health, do not hesitate to contact the Woodlands Planning and Development Services Department office at:

Animal Services Division
Montgomery County Animal Control
8535 State Highway 242
Conroe, TX 77385
(936) 442-7738

General inquiries:

For general information regarding Environmental Health programs and activities, please visit the Woodlands Planning and Development Services Department website.

If you would like to report a dog bite, in The Woodlands, Montgomery County, or any of the surrounding communities listed below, please visit
  The Woodlands Animal Services website for reporting rabies.

If you live within The Woodlands city limits call: (936) 442-7738

Animal Training:

A variety of animal training classes and services are offered by the Woodlands SPCA.  The Woodlands SPCA may be reached at:

The Humane Society of Montgomery County
PO Box 8254
The Woodlands, TX 77387
(936) 441-4762

If you would like to report an instance of animal cruelty to the Woodlands  click here, and follow the recommended procedures.

Contact a The Woodlands Dog Bite Lawyer if you have been attacked or bitten by a dog.


Contact one of the experienced the Woodlands dog bite lawyers above for a consultation regarding your claim.

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